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We provide outsourcing services for the clients who do not find it commercially viable to employ a full time accountant or who want to concentrate on their business. Our outsourcing services are in three main areas which are bookkeeping service, payroll service and others services.
Bookkeeping services



Our bookkeeping service uses the clouding technology to do the accounting, we currently use WAVE application ( With this technology, our clients can get access their account on-line everywhere internet exists. Our clients then can retrieve their accounting information such as sale report, income statement, and balance sheet as soon as they want. We also this service in compliance with Thai accounting standard with now follow IFRS in order to ensure that clients receive the best possible advice and comply with the requirements of the various statutory authorities. We are committed to provide timely and reliable financial reporting for the needs of our clients. 


Our services include:

  • Preparation of periodical and annual financial statements

  • Maintain accounting records for statutory and taxation audit purposes

Payroll services



Our payroll service includes preparing payroll report to clients and banks, withholding tax return form, social security return, report to fund manager (provident fund), and pay slips to their employees. We provide this service in compliance with Thai Tax law and Thai labour law.

Other services



We also provide traning service and storage service for clients. Our training service mainly focus on good accounting practice and tax practice. We aim to update our clients on new accounting stadards and tax issues which may vary according to nature of clients' busineses. We have expert who can conduct training course upon client's interest. 


Finally, We understand that not only accounting document needs space to store but also other document. Some clients do not have apace to store all document. Then we help providing storage area which allow a huge document to stay. And the clients can get this document back everytime they need. This helps


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